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Successful VBA4C in a hospital!

VBAC’s are becoming more common

Study finds next day discharge after c-section may be ok

Health officials trying to lower c-section rates

Hospital level c-section rates by state

Birth Rape: The criminal assault on mother and child

Birth Goddess


Birth of a Ranking: Which Hospitals Are Best at Delivering Babies?

Therapy helps fearful moms avoid c-sections

Midwife Shares Shocking Facts About C-Section Epidemic

BJOG – Study finds midwives are more effective at preventing c-sections.
Effects odf continuity of care by a primary miwife (caseload midwifery) on caesarean section rates in women of low obstetric risk.


Hospitals trying to halt rise in C-sections.

Cesarean prevention webinar from ICAN.

Documentary: Freedom of Birth

Labor, Interrupted: Cesareans, “cascading interventions,” and finding a sense of balance.

Providence midwives pair traditional practices with technology


Consumer reports discusses what procedures to avoid when your expecting.
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The truth about the growing trend of cesareans from Natural News.
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Find out where your state and local hospital stand on the VBAC ban.
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Some helpful tips in this article – How to Avoid an Unnecessary Cesarean.
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Great tips on coping with an unwanted cesarean.
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03 – October VBAC Newsletter

Ina May in a New York Times Article

There are some pretty shocking statistics in this article – worth a read: “…The United States spends more on health care than any other country and more on maternal health than any other type of hospital care but is ranked 50th in maternal mortality and 41st in neonatal mortality…” The article makes some other interesting points – how the US health system sees homebirths as dangerous while countries that support home births, like the netherlands, boast homebirth rates of 30% and lower maternal & neonatal death rates. read the full article

02 VBAC Newsletter

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