Mercy hospital in downtown Des Moines (on University) is supportive of VBACs as long as you find an OB who is willing to do it.

The OBGYN Associates in Des Moines is a group of doctors that are willing to do VBACs and who deliver at Mercy. They have several locations in the Des Moines area.

Erin from Iowa says: “Dr. Brent Hintz who practices in the Waterloo/CF area is supportive of VBAC’s”

Dr. Brent Hintz
212 West Dale Street Suite 402
Waterloo, IA 50703

We don’t know of any other supportive groups or doctors in Iowa, but we are searching.

In the meantime, here are some places to start:

Iowa Cesearan Rates by Hospital:

International Cesarean Awareness Network (ICAN)  of central Iowa

International Cesarean Awarenss Network (ICAN) of Northeast Iowa

Iowa City Doulas

Bamboo Birth Services Doula

We need your help! Do you know of a VBAC supportive practice or group in this state?? please email us the info:

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  • Erin

    Dr. Brent Hintz who practices in the Waterloo/CF area is supportive of VBAC’s. He ended up doing my 1st emerg. c-section due to a prolapsed cord (likely due to early breakage of my water by the dr) and saw me in my second pregnancy which I was hoping to be a VBAC, but after I went a week past my due date I was scheduled for another c-section. I went with it, since my husband was only home on leave from the military for another week.

  • admin

    Thanks you for the information Erin!

  • Jen

    I am co-leader of the local ICAN chapter in Waterloo/Cedar Falls. We are seeing more docs open to VBAC here and are hearing a lot of success stories. Moms still need to be educated and prepared to be their own advocates, but csection rates are dropping in this community at both hospitals.

  • Lea

    I am currently looking for an OB who will support me for a vba2c. I was told by an OB at OBGYN specialists that none around here will support a vba2c not even iowa city so i should prepare to have a csection with my next child (just had my 2nd csection) So it seemed like they were vbac friendly (until labor stalls out then i was almost scare tactics into a rcs) but not after your 2nd csection!

  • Lydia

    Has anyone been able to find an OB that supports a VBA2C in the Waterloo area?

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