Dr. Sumac Diaz complete care center for women Richmond va (… vbac’d with her in 2011 with an inverted T incision she is awesome)

Ican of Northern Virginia

INOVA Fairfax

Dr. William Fitzhugh

Hospitals: MCV (now called VCU Health Systems) and St Francis.
At MCV: Dr Isaacs, Dr Pierce or Dr Karjane.
At St Francis : Lelsie Fehan or Nicole Carlson – both CNMs. Backed by Dr Miller.

Erica Blanton with Henrico Doctors

ICAN of Richmond

Virginia Hospital Rankings by US NEWS




We need your help! Do you know of a VBAC supportive practice or group in this state?? Have an experience with one of the organizations listed above, tell us about it! Please email the info to:

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