• Birth Story: Heather’s VBA2C
    Heather’s VBA2C Birth Story (photo provided by Heather) Birth story and photos shared by Heather M. During my last few prenatal visits, my provider had been getting more and more negative about my vba2c [vaginal birth after 2 cesareans]. I would hear comments like, “Oh, you are not dilated at all so you have a […]
  • 5 ways a cesarean impacts a new family and what we can do about it
    “I hated him”. Sarah took a deep breath. “I know it’s not logical, there wasn’t anything he could do, but that’s how I felt. I hated him for not protecting me.” A Caesarean Section is both the most common and least necessary surgery conducted in the United States. It is also the only surgical procedure […]
  • ACOG’s New Labor Guidelines Fall in Step with ICAN’s Mission
    ACOG’s New Labor Guidelines Fall in Step with ICAN’s Mission New, Breakthrough Guidelines Pave Way for Safer Labor and Birth Release Highlights: New study shows that labor takes longer than previously believed, and it is safer in most cases for a woman to labor longer than for providers to push for cesarean birth. The emphasis […]
  • Was the art of independence lost in the shuffle? Or forced out in labor and delivery rooms?
    By Jennifer Antonik Our daughter is in that lovely stage of life where everything has to be a struggle or it isn’t worth her time it seems. She’ll be three soon. (I can see many of you emphatically nodding your heads in empathetic understanding.) Truly, I love that age though. It’s magical. She is quite […]
  • New Survey Shows High Success Rate for VBAC’s at Home
    by Karen Troy, PhD The Midwives Alliance of North America (MANA) recently published data from a large and well-tracked series of planned home births, the result of a home birth registry program that was initiated in 2004 (1).  The data set included nearly 17,000 planned home births attended by a mix of midwives including CPMs […]


Breath of Life Midwifery
Hope Coulter RM, CPM
Montrose, Colorado

Ellie Allyn, RM, CPM;
Home Birth Midwife
Centennial CO  80016

A Colorado Midwife
Pamela Crowl
109 Willis Drive, Colorado Springs CO  80911

Prairie Love Midwifery
144 N. Main St. Suite D, Gunnison CO  81230

Academy Women’s Healthcare Associates

Jan Lapetino CPM, RM Homebirth Midwifery Services LLC
1777 S. Bellaire St, Suite 305, Denver CO  80222

Community Midwives LLC
PO Box 4336, Durango CO  81302

Linda Lynn Arnold
219 Iowa, Gunnison CO  81230

Janelle Boyington, RM, CPM
Homebirth & Midwifery Care

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Department of Regulatory Agencies: Office of Midwifery Registration
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Colorado Alliance of Independent Midwives

Midwifery Clinic at University of Colorado Hospital

Boulder County hospitals permit VBAC attempts
ICAN of Colorado

ICAN Hospital Ban Listing