• ICAN Names Julie Herr the May 2015 Volunteer of the Month
    The International Cesarean Awareness Network is powered by the selfless efforts of our numerous volunteers. We cannot thank our dedicated volunteers enough for their cooperation and service in assisting ICAN with accomplishing its mission. In an effort to acknowledge some of our amazing volunteers who work tirelessly behind the scenes to offer support, education, and... […]
  • Click Your Way to the Best Info: finding quality VBAC and Cesarean info online
    By Sharon Muza, BS, CD(DONA) BDT(DONA), LCCE, FACCE While April is recognized as Cesarean Awareness Month in both the United States and many other countries, quality consumer information about how to prevent cesareans (both primary {first} cesareans and subsequent ones) along with information about having a vaginal birth after a cesarean (VBAC) is valuable to... […]
  • Birth Story in Africa: a birth without fear
    Guest post written by Sarah S. In order to tell the birth story of my firstborn, I have to back up a bit. Actually, I have to back up a lot. For as long as I can remember I have been afraid of pregnancy and childbirth. My mother threw up the entire nine months of... […]
  • World Doula Week: a doula at a cesarean?
    Guest article by Lisa Kehoe IBCLC, CLD, CPD, in honor of World Doula Week (March 22-28). Your vision of birth probably did not include having surgery. You were thinking of a natural, unmedicated, maybe even home birth, and now you’re having a cesarean. You may feel uneasy about this, but, for whatever reason, it’s the only choice... […]
  • Accreta Awareness Blood Drive Event
    The International Cesarean Awareness Network is pleased to be participating in this year’s Accreta Awareness Blood Drive occurring nationwide on April 3rd in support of the Hope for Accreta Foundation. The purpose of this blood drive is to raise awareness of placenta accreta, a condition in which the placenta attaches itself too deeply into the... […]


Dr. Joan Cardone
West Suburban Women’s Health
Willowbrook, IL

“I had a successful vbac on Jan 14, 2015 with Joan… She was truly vbac friendly. She was really patient with me and gave me as much time as my body wanted to dilate. She is just superb!” – Vineetha


We need your help! Do you know of a VBAC supportive practice or group in this states?? please email us the info:

My name is Jessica S. and I have had three kids the first natural and the other two c section my doctor at carle clinic 311 Fairchild Danville Danville, llinois 61832 allowed me to try to have my third child vbac he said he would not induce me that i had to go into labor on my own. I wans’t able to but they are willing to do them.

Looking for a doctor or midwife? Here are some supportive places to start:
birthways inc

Or try these ICAN Chapters:

ICAN of Central Illinois
Contact: Danielle Braden
eMail Address:
Telephone: 217-620-0033

ICAN of Chicago
Contact: Karen Troy
eMail Address:
Telephone: 312 243 4793

ICAN of Kane County
Contact: Becky Frielink
eMail Address:
Telephone: 630.660.4369

ICAN of St. Louis
St. Louis (MO)
Contact: Julie Herr
eMail Address:
Telephone: (618) 222-9218
Or Contact: Ruthie Dicken
Telephone: (314) 961-4451

ICAN of Lake County
Contact: Julie Elliott
eMail Address:
Telephone: (847) 258-7233

ICAN of DuPage
Contact: Sarah Glover
eMail Address:
Telephone: 708-267-6380

ICAN of the Rock River Valley
Greater Rockford Stateline Area
Contact: Christine
eMail Address:
Telephone: 630-842-7055

ICAN of South Central Illinois
Contact: Christa Westendorf
eMail Address:
Telephone: 217-536-9682
Telephone: 217-821-4271

ICAN of Springfield
Contact: Judy Percy
eMail Address:
Telephone: 217-622-0353


1st Free-standing birthing center in Illinois


You can also try seaching the ICAN database here: