Vormbrock in Edgewood

Currently I’m seeing Kimberly Vormbrock in Edgewood Ky. She delivers at St.Elizabeth in edgewood. I’m 37 weeks and have had no issues with her. She does require CFM with all VBACs but has been open to any research I’ve brought her and has been upfront about what she is and isn’t willing to do and why. Her wait is usually a little long BUT she NEVER rushes through her appointments with me. Hoping to update after delivery!

Dr. Reed Nett, Louisville; Norton Suburban Hospital.
Abby says: “I had the most unbelievable OB in Louisville. Her name is Dr. Reed Nett. She has delivered my last 2 VBAC’s. She is kind, friendly, patient, and I trust her 100%. She delivers most of her babies at Norton Suburban Hospital. That is the most VBAC friendly hospital in the state.Dr. Nett won’t let you go over your due date with a VBAC but she will induce if you haven’t gone on your own yet. Both of my VBAC’s were induced a few days before my due date and went great. She is very honest and will tell you up front if you are a good candidate for VBAC or not.” Thanks Abby!


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