New York

Yael Silverberg
425 W 59th St
New York, NY 10019
(212) 492-5500
-Wonderful experience with Yael- she was always confident that I would have a successful VBAC, and she allowed me to labor and give birth in the position my body preferred. Kristine
Dr. Renuka Paka (212) 523-8335
Dr. Jacques Moritz, Saint Luke’s-Roosevelt Hospital (212) 603-4160
Dr Rivera Cassamento (212) 734-1893
Dr Juanita Jenyons– St Lukes Roosevelt and the Birthing Center (212) 769-4171
Dr. Anne Carlon (212) 988-8100
Dr. Allegra Cummings St Lukes Roosevelt Hospital (212) 636-1130‎
Village Obstetrics and Gynecology Dr. George Mussalli and Dr. Jaqueline Worth, St. Vincent’s (212) 627-9556
Dr. Gae Rodke (212)496-9800
Yaakov Abdelhak, MD
Maternal Resources
55 Old Nyack Turnpike, Suite 405, Nanuet NY 10954
845 624-1540
Dr. Lim Tse
Sheepshead Bay Office
1616 Voorhies Avenue
Brooklyn, NY 11235
Sunset Park Office
846, 55th St, 1st FL
Brooklyn, N.Y. 11220

From Julie about Dr. Tse: “She’s affiliated with Maimonides hospital in Borough Park. ( hospital has a large birthing center and they really took good care of me. They are extremely strict with baby viewing which is good because everyone needs a code and you have to go through a lot in order to make sure no one walks out with your child.”
Thanks for your input Julie & Congrats on your VBAC!!!!
*** if you have had a postive or negative experience with any Doctor listed here, please comment below and tell us what happened, or email me privately at: kcontentoangell at Thanks