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…Dr. Tobey Stevens (TCH pavilion for women)
bcm bgyn
Dr. Geoffrey Klein (OGA)

Dr Cummings in Denton,

Dr Downey in Richardson

Dr. Christina Dooley in Denton

Lonestar obgyn/ lonestar midwives in San Antonio (deliver vbacs at St. Lukes)

Dr. Khul and Dr. Osow…

Blog post about VBAC supportive doctors in TX:

more info coming soon!

Dr Michelsen
Dr. Fred Cummings

< hafe="" target="_blank">cesarean bans at each TX hospital

A detailed review from “Paula:”
I had been going to Dr. Michelsen, but she started talking ‘natural induction’ when I had already told her that I have big babies who come at 41 weeks. I am fine with that, but she wanted to speed up the process-I was not fine with that. Also, she delivers at Cenntenial Medical Center (which is the campus on which her office is located.) She also delivers at Baylor Frisco. Most any woman given the choice would choose Baylor Frisco. However, since she has to be on campus for VBAC deliveries, she does NOT like to let those go there unless they labor and deliver at a time that’s convenient for her. I personally don’t like that kind of pressure.

Dr. Weinstein has a very pleasant website with his feelings about VBAC’s. It sounds very good. There is no mention on his website about the $300 dollar fee though. The receptionist told me the 3rd time we spoke. She said that he gets $300 for c-sections from the insurance companies, and that since he has to be on campus for labor and delivery (his offices are located on the Baylor Frisco campus) and ‘away from his family’ he charges the fee. It is non-refundable and due when you decide that he’s your guy. You do not get it back if you end up with a c-section either.

On a brighter note, in my searching, I found a complete angel of an OB. His name is Dr. Fred Cummings. He is located in Denton. He is as close to a midwife as any doctor could be. He is very supportive, kind, laid-back, etc. I met him last Friday and had my records transferred on the spot. One of his patients started a FB fan page for him. The profile picture is of her, Dr. Cummings and her new baby. After I met Dr. Cummings and his staff, I completely understood why she was beaming in the picture. I don’t ever choose male OB/GYN’s, but I wouldn’t trust anybody else for my upcoming labor and delivery. Also, they don’t charge the shady fee, and he was completely supportive when I told him my babies are big and that they come at 41weeks. I have no doubt at all that he will help me do everything possible to have another successful VBAC. There was another pro-VBAC OB mentioned on DFW Moms, but I can’t think of his name. I believe he was located in Richardson though.

I hope this helps! Sorry about the other two names, by the way. Those things about the other 2 doctors became glaring after I met Dr. Cummings (before I knew that I had another choice. Up to that point I thought I had to choose the lesser of the 2 evils.)

We need your help! Do you know of a VBAC supportive practice or group in this state?? please email us the info: