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Organisations & Websites :

VBAC .com a resource of studies and publications

International Cesarean Awareness Network

Midwifery Today: The heart & science of birth

Birth Network:


On Cafemom:

No Nonsense VBAC


On Facebook:

ICAN international cesarean awarness network

VBAC support group – Vaginal Birth After C-section

I Support Midwives and Homebirth


More Groups:

Find a group that meets near you on search for VBAC

3 comments to Find Support

  • Hi, I’ve started an ICAN of MOntgomery County, MD. Could you add us to your Maryland resource list? Also if/when we come in contact w/ VBAC friendly providers, we will definitely let you know…
    Lisa Garcia

  • Laila

    Hi I am trying to find support for VBA2C. I never went into a trial of labor before. First c-section was due to fetal bradycardia and the second was due to fear of the doctor about the 1% risk of rupture. i am trying to find doctors in NYC/brooklyn that will be willing to give me a trial of vbac and monitor me well through the process.

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